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10 Tips to Increase the Chance of Winning at Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are an instant lottery type of gambling casino games, that require no special skills or experience. Therefore, everyone has a chance to win with proper luck. There is no definite strategy here, but some tips can be given to novice players to increase their chances of winning. Let’s take a look at 10 tips to increase the chance of you scoring a win at scratch cards.

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1. Don’t Chase Cheapness

Always pay attention to the cost: it hardly makes sense to choose the cheapest option, because the prize pool will be smaller in this case. Be sure to check the value of the main prize and the other prizes as you browse through the available games. After all, different games have different prize pools for the same ticket price.

2. Work Out Your Budget

Stick strictly to a predetermined amount to buy tickets and never go beyond your planned monthly, weekly or daily budget. Even if it seems like your next ticket is bound to be a lucky one, don’t go along with this dangerous delusion. By following a sensible scheme, you are sure to win one day, and trying to recoup your losses at a time will turn out to be a waste of money and nerves.

3. Check the Current Status of Lottery Tickets

Today, lotteries often allow you to check the status of winning tickets, and online games allow you to view recent big prizes. If most lottery prizes have already been drawn, or if a particular scratch card in a virtual casino has given away a jackpot, there is no point in trying to win here as well: there will be little chance of luck.

4. Find a Game You Like

Don’t spread yourself across different games: pick one and storm off. After all, if, for example, the company offers 1000 tickets, of which one contains the jackpot, and you buy 200, the chance of winning is 20%. If you buy 50 tickets in four different lotteries, however, there is only a 5% chance of winning the jackpot in each. That’s why it’s important to remain consistent and patient.

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5. Don’t Throw Away Old Tickets

This rule applies to lotteries with real tickets. In some cases, when the scratch card winner does not collect the jackpot and cannot find it, the organizers draw the goblet again. Then an initially losing ticket may later yield a win.

6. Scan Every Ticket, Including the Losing Ones

This tip also applies to printed lottery tickets. The fact is that you could be inattentively crossing out the numbers you’ve drawn, or the ticket will contain an error. So it is safer to check for winnings by ticket number: that way you can be sure of the result.

7. Transfer Your Slots Tactics to Scratch Cards

Experienced slots players know that you should play if the slot has swallowed a sufficient number of tokens, and the large amount has not yet been issued. With scratch cards, the same principle: if the online casino corresponding product does not give winnings for a long time, it is worth trying your luck in it.

8. Explore Scratch Cards

To fill instant lottery tickets, manufacturers implement a certain algorithm that provides a set percentage of winnings. Saving and researching old tickets will help identify patterns to successfully select winning numbers later on.

9. Buy in Bulk

To increase your chances of winning, purchasing not one ticket each day, but thirty pieces once a month is better. The chances of success, in this case, will increase by a factor of 30, because it is extremely unlikely that none of the stacks of tickets will be profitable.

10. Read the Fine Print

Important information may be written on the ticket in small print. This is usually information regarding the probability of winning. This information will not only help you learn more about the game, but also help you choose the lottery with the best chance of winning.

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