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Best Online Casino Bonuses for Canadian Players 2022

Most gambling websites offer casino bonuses in Canada to their players. These include welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards, and other promotions. A casino bonus is 'free money' that helps you unlock the various levels in your game and land big wins. However, these promotions come with several rules. In this article, we will explain to you how a bonus casino works, how to claim it, and the different forms of casino bonuses Canada. Before claiming a casino promotion, you must first sign-up by entering your personal details.

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How to Get the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Select a licenced Canadian online casino and click ‘Register’. Now enter your name, email ID, password, and other personal details. If you have a casino registration bonus code, enter that also in the sign-up box. This code, also called a promo code, comprises a set of letters and digits, and is unique to every player. Remember to link your payment gateway to your site at this stage. Once you have completed all these steps, you are ready to receive casino bonuses Canada from your gambling site.

Since many gambling websites give casino bonuses to Canada only after you deposit money, it’s important to link your account or credit card to your casino. However, some casinos give out their bonuses for free. Don’t hurry up while signing up with your casino. Instead, read all the rules related to its casino bonus CA 2022. You will find these rules in the Bonus Rules section of the website. Please note, that every Canadian online casino has its own bonus terms and conditions.

Types of Casino Bonuses 2022

This section answers the fundamental question, ‘What is a casino bonus?’ This is virtual money that is given by online casinos to fresh players. Online casino bonuses encourage new players to join gambling websites and are marketing tools, essentially. While you can’t withdraw your casino bonus Canada like cash, you can claim the bonus earnings from such a bonus. Gambling websites sometimes give these bonuses on a standalone basis, as well as part of monthly promotions. Please keep reading to know more about casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses Offered by Online Casinos in Canada

A welcome bonus or sign-up bonus encourages fresh players to join the issuer casino. Gambling websites offer this ‘free money’ to players as soon as they make their first deposits. While some welcome bonuses are standalone, others may come with free spins. Canadian gambling websites sometimes also give these casinos online bonuses in stages. This means, that if the welcome bonus is CAD 500, it can be broken into CAD 100, 200, 100, and 100. Welcome bonuses are of two types – Deposit Bonus and No Deposit bonus.

What Is Deposit Match Bonus?

This is the bonus you get after paying some money to your online casino. There are two kinds of deposit match bonuses. A 100% casino bonus matches your deposit. For example, if your deposit is CAD 100, this bonus is the same amount. Some casinos give welcome bonuses as a percentage of the deposit amount. Thus, if your deposit is CAD 100, the bonus could be CAD 200 or 50% of the deposit amount. The best online casino bonus Canada exceeds your deposit amount and gives you great flexibility.

What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Some Canadian casino bonuses are free and don’t require any money at all. All you must do to claim these No Deposit Casino Bonuses are sign-up by entering your personal details. In this case, players aren’t required to make any deposits at all. However, every No Deposit Casino Bonus comes with several restrictions. For example, casinos might insist you fulfill their wagering requirements while withdrawing earnings accrued from this bonus. A No Deposit Bonus isn’t the only best casino bonus Canada for you. There are other rewards too.

What is Free Spins Bonus?

If you are registering with an online casino with slots, you might get a Free Spins Bonus. With this ‘free money’ you can try your luck on a specified game and land big wins. For example, your website might award you 5 free spins to be used on Starburst. However, like other bonuses, this reward also comes with several conditions. One of them could be about your maximum win from your bonus spins. Please note, that in many cases, casinos award free spins only after you deposit money.

About Canadian Sign Up Bonuses

This bonus encourages new players to simply register with a casino. Sign-up bonuses are easily the best casino bonuses for new Canadian players. Usually, you receive this reward just after making your first deposit with your gambling website. If you are new to gambling, please note that sign-up casino bonuses CA are awarded just once. No matter how many times you play on the website, you’ll receive this reward only once. This may sound unfair, but this is how casinos ensure every new player gets this privilege.

Loyalty Bonuses at Online Casinos, Canada

Gambling websites go the extra mile to retain their old players. That’s why these casinos offer loyalty bonuses to all those who stick around for months and years. Simply put, this casino bonus CA rewards players for playing more. In some ways, a loyalty bonus is like a VIP reward. Like other rewards, this bonus is handed out at the discretion of the gambling website. Some websites may have set rules for a loyalty bonus, while others might not have them.

Free Cash Bonus

In many cases, you don’t have to pay any money to receive a free cash bonus. Simply create your account, and receive this bonus in your mailbox. Some Canadian gambling websites, however, require their players to make deposits for receiving this reward. Keep an eye on the bonus terms and conditions before receiving your cash bonus. If you don’t claim and use it in time, your bonus would expire permanently. Secondly, casinos can cancel or modify your free cash bonus anytime.

  • Players must fulfill some conditions before using their free cash bonus.
  • All free cash bonuses are virtual in nature and can’t be traded for real cash.

What are VIP Bonuses, and How Do You Get Them?

VIP bonuses, as the name suggests, are for the special players of a casino. Many Canadian online casinos have VIP programs, which you join automatically after registration. As you play more and bet more, you accrue more and more points, which take you higher in your programme. When you climb higher in the rankings, you get exciting rewards, such as tickets to exclusive shows and events. Some online casinos also allow you to exchange your points with other casino bonuses in Canada.

High-roller Bonuses

If you are someone who takes immense risks in your game, you must claim high-roller bonuses. One of the best Canadian online casino bonuses, these are bigger in value than the normal welcome bonuses. Therefore, if you deposited CAD 1,000 while signing up, you might get this reward from your gambling website. The principle behind this bonus is simple: more risks mean higher rewards. Please note that not every Canadian gambling site offers high-roller bonuses. There is much more information about CA casino bonuses in the subsequent sections.

  • High rollers can get exclusive invites to special invites.
  • They also get priority over others in withdrawals.

What are Cashback Bonuses, and How do You Receive Them?

Best CA Casino bonuses, such as cashback, help players recover their previous losses. To claim these special rewards, you just have to opt in with the cashback programme of your casino. Sometimes, your gambling website may reverse a cashback on its own. However, in most cases, players must follow certain rules. For example, you must wager a specific amount of money in a period to get this special bonus. In some cases, cashback come as free meals, more reward points, and other non-cash benefits.

Gambling websites offer these casino bonuses weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Normally, cashback deals are 10% or 25% of the wager size. This means, that if you bet CAD 100 on a game, your cashback amount would be CAD 10. Please note, that it’s not essential to claim this bonus from your casino. If aren’t interested in a cashback, but have received it nonetheless, contact customer care to decline the offer. You can scout for all the cashback online casinos with a simple Google search.

Understanding Exclusive Bonuses and Claiming Them

On the face of it, all casino bonuses in CA seem commonplace. But look at the rules of these promotions, and you will understand that they are exclusive in nature. For example, if you received 5 Free Spins to be used in the Book of Dead, this could be a unique deal, because nobody else might be offering it. Sometimes, casinos offer other exclusive deals. Here is an example, where a Canadian online casino is promoting a specific gateway through a special deal.

This means, that if you made a deposit through PayPal, you get an exclusive casino Canada bonus. It could be 5% or more of your deposit amount. There could be other exclusive casino bonuses in Canada also. For example, a promo code from an affiliate website can get you a special reward. Similarly, reloading your casino account in a particular month can also make you eligible for a unique bonus. Some Canadian gambling websites also award special deals to players who refer their friends to these casinos.

How to Claim a Best Casino Bonus?

It’s easy getting casino bonuses for Canadian players. First, you must find licenced gambling websites in Canada that offer these rewards. Now, find promo codes that will help you in your online gambling activity. You can find these unique codes on affiliate sites, social media sites, and sometimes even while shopping online. Players will also be delighted to know that online casinos’ customer care departments also give out promo codes. Since these codes are unique, all the casino bonuses online that you receive are also special.

Enter your promo code inside the sign-up box to receive your casino bonus in 2022. At this point, look if the gambling site wants you to make a deposit. If so, please connect your bank account, PayPal, or other gateways to your newly created account. Pay the minimum amount and receive your welcome or sign-up bonus. Enter your bonus details in the Cashier section, and now you are ready to play with your reward. Keep checking your email folder for more information on casino bonuses Canada.

Most Common Online Casino Bonus Terms

Every online casino with a bonus requires its players to comply with wagering requirements. Let’s say the bonus is CAD 100, and the wagering requirement is 10x. This means you must stake CAD 1,000 from your funds to withdraw your bonus earnings. Your Free Spins are also subject to wagering requirements. Please note that some gambling sites use ‘stake through’ requirements in place of the more common ‘wagering conditions. Players can withdraw cash casino bonuses Canada. On the other hand, Play Bonuses can be used only for online gambling.

FAQs for Canadian Casino Bonuses

What is a Bonus Code, and What is the Payout Percentage?

A unique combination of letters and digits, a bonus code, allows casinos to identify their players. This way, gambling websites allot unique bonuses to their players at the time of registration. If you are a newbie, you won’t find any trouble using these bonus or promo codes. Payout percentages differ across online casinos, and they can range between 10-25% of the deposit amount.

What Are the Maximum Bet Sizes and Maximum Wins?

Online casinos usually cap the maximum bets of their players. For example, your casino might restrict your stake size per spin to CAD 10 on Starburst. Casinos impose these limits so that you can control your spending, and not go bankrupt. This is another way to promote responsible gambling in the community. Similarly, casinos also set limits to how much you can win from a particular bonus.

Are There Any Restricted Countries and Games?

Gambling websites in Canada sometimes restrict players from certain countries from playing their games. This is purely in accordance with the rules of those casinos. Players must also note that their casino bonuses are restricted to certain games only and not all the products.

Casino Bonuses for Canadians and Their Expiration Dates

The best casino bonuses in CA 2022 include sign-up or welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, or high-roller bonus. All these rewards are subject to several rules. Please note that all these bonuses have an expiry date, which could be one week, a fortnight, or a month.