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Types of Gaming Glasses for Gambling 2022

Is the light from monitors and tablets good for your eyes? Children sleep poorly by staring at tablets for too long at night. The subject of light and health is once again in the spotlight. However, there are now all types of gaming glasses, which you can read by our Online Casino Ranker experts below.

You may have good eyes and not need glasses. However, special glasses for gaming and gambling can help you stay alert, keep your sleep up, and maybe more. Maybe, because little research has been done on glasses for gaming and gambling.

Types of Gaming Glasses

The little research into glasses for gaming began with professional e-gamers. They sometimes train for long days. In Canada, professionals train about 50 hours a week. The German team is also at about that number of hours. South Koreans train more than 12 hours a day. Players clearly experience problems when staring at a screen for long periods in an often dark room.

For example, they are less able to stay focused on the game, are less alert, and lack sleep. These are symptoms that were previously observed in general among children who play too long on their tablets. Or better, who still plays until shortly before bedtime?

Night Mode on a Tablet

According to several researchers, the sleep of those children was disturbed by the white light. This contains a lot of blue, so the solution seemed to be to filter the blue light. Several manufacturers came up with a night mode on their tablets and e-readers.

The effect of this has everything to do with the production of the hormone melatonin. You need a lot of melatonin to sleep well. During the day in daylight, the quantity of this sleep hormone decreases. In the evening and with dimmed light it increases.

Daylight Red

That was the idea. A night mode with yellowish light and less blue light seemed the solution. Until British scientists came up with their insights. They had been researching the hormone, sleep, and light for much longer. Their research showed that blue light does not give the problem of disturbed sleep.

They discovered that it is in fact the red and yellow light. Or that it causes at least some of the problems. They recommend not filtering the blue out of the tablet light, but dimming the light. A bit like what happens toward evening when the sun gradually sets and darkness sets in.

Sleepy and Alert

With children, you as parents can also offer a solution. For example, by agreeing that after a certain time the tablet, etc. may no longer be used. With professional e-gamers, this is more difficult. Even if they are a bit sleepy, they have to keep playing until the casino games are finished.

The sleep study was therefore extended to include alertness. After all, the longer an e-player can stay focused, the better. It was the moment when goggles for gaming came into the picture. And such glasses would naturally then come in handy for online gamblers.

Players and gamblers would not necessarily have to be farsighted or short-sighted to do so. Just like the glasses for welders, or those of watchmakers, the glasses for games offer a supplement to an activity.

Multiple Types of Gaming Glasses for Playing

As mentioned, little research has been done specifically on glasses for gaming and online gambling. However, based on research on related issues, such as sleep behavior, there are now many types of goggles for gamers on the market. The providers obtain the evidence for the effect, importance, and so on from these studies. The conclusions based on the prevention of blue light and the like are still in the majority.

Roughly speaking, we can distinguish three types of glasses: glasses with colored lenses, glasses with slight magnification, and glasses that filter glare.

Glasses for Gaming and Gambling

When it comes to goggles with tinted lenses, almost all manufacturers base their work on filtering blue light. However, some manufacturers filter red and yellow light. And of course, some manufacturers offer both types.

The glasses with a slight magnification work approximately like the computer glasses, as it is used in multifocal glasses. There, part of the glass is ground for far viewing, part for reading, and part for distance from a monitor.

The glasses for gaming with that slight magnification would prevent players from squinting. That, a little squinting, would be a strain on the eye muscles and brain. And thus affect alertness, sleepiness, and the like.

Anti-glare glasses often simply have an anti-reflective coating. It reduces the light coming from the screen. This allows the eyes to focus more easily. That in itself is nice. But it also improves color contrast, according to manufacturers, and responsiveness, according to some studies.

Do Gaming Glasses Make You Better

Research on Professional Players

So there is (still) little research on glasses for gaming. Most researchers on this subject refer to sleep research. There, at least, a large part of the benefits can be gained. However, researchers hardly look at professional players.

Because it turns out that they, as well as other top athletes, sleep a lot and well. The average professional gamer and online gambler sleep 7 hours and three-quarters of an hour. That’s longer than was expected before a study. After playing, they often need to step away from the game for an hour, but after that, they sleep well.

Obviously, during that hour of rest, they should not do things that can affect sleep. Alcohol consumption, for example, causes you to go into a sleep frenzy, but not into the deep sleep that is needed for a good sleep cycle.

Research with Children

There has been a lot of research though on the sleep behavior of children and their tablet use. As mentioned, the currently generally accepted conclusion is that the blue in white light worsens sleep. But some scientists believe that you only need to dim the white light gradually to reduce the influence on sleep.

However, glasses for gaming and gambling also involve gaming issues. Such as preservation of concentration, reaction speed, and the like. Those issues were also addressed in research on sleep behavior.

Which Glasses for Gaming are Best?

We wrote earlier that in much research we find the laboratory situation a limitation. In studies, participants often participate in-game situations that are hardly realistic. That little research also exists specifically on eyewear for gaming and gambling also makes giving advice difficult.

There are additional problems in giving advice. Glasses take some getting used to. It does not matter whether you use colored glasses, magnifying glasses, or glasses with anti-reflection. And finally, the quality of the lenses will also play a role. The current glasses range in price from about 15 euros to 150 euros.

Additional Information

The conclusions of the various research include:

  • Blue light, compared to glasses that filter out blue light, shortens sleep time and reduces sleep efficiency.
  • Glasses that filter out blue light increase attention to an activity and improve performance when working on a computer.
  • When playing for an hour, sleep deteriorates by about 30% for every hour more played after that.
  • The reaction time between good and bad sleep differs by about 17%.
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