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888 Casino Review

What can we say about 888 casino in this review that can summarise this casinos long career. 888 was there when online casinos first started, it is undoubtedly one of the longest running casinos, having been active since 1997 when it was called Casino-On-Net. It was also the first online casino to receive a licence for gambling in the US in 2013. Whether you play at online casinos or not you will have seen their logo (in it’s neon green glory) somewhere along the way. They have a strong worldwide presence and the players and prizes to back up their branding.


Sign Up and Login

We headed to the 888 casino homepage like we usually do and were met with a page that looks like it came from the year 2000 which was strange. From this screen you can access 4 different sections which all have their own pages within the 888 ecosystem; Casino, Poker, Sport and Games. already we found this a little confusing so we decided to click on the casino option and the sign-up screen popped up. This is the usual stuff although it does have a few more fields but nothing out of the ordinary. You will be asked for your email and phone number but you can still access the website without a valid phone number and you can verify your ID later (which is usual operating procedure for online casinos) if you want to withdraw winnings. Then we had a nice surprise, the actual website look really nice, modern, uncluttered and like the home page should have. Clearly someone was lazy when they created that first page.


Actual Player Experience

Navigating the site is breeze, everything is within easy reach and self explanatory. Big tiles guide you to wherever you need to be and the transitions are seamless with just a few seconds of loading for the games or live casinos sections. You can test all the games in demo mode which you activate at the top of every game. For some reason some casinos don’t enable this function with the game providers which is annoying and doesn’t encourage players checking other games they might not have played otherwise. Once you deposit and start betting on games you’ll be presented with new challenges inside your player portal which will add incentives to play the games and even venture into playing different games. We really appreciate casinos adding functions like this because really, the mixture and reward systems of video games work well in a casino setting. Another thing we really liked was the ability to deposit using paypal which seems like it would be a common thing in casinos but is actually not.


The Games

888 casino works with a select few game providers. NetEnt and IGT are amongst them as well as Nextgen Gaming and 9 others. The presentation of the games is fresh and clean and even hough you can’t split them by provider, 88 casino does a good job of dividing them into categories and then further into popularity and into highest jackpots. As we mentioned previously, you can also test all the games in a demo mode before you actually bet anything, this lets you get familiar with the rules and means you can check out games you may not have otherwise. There is also an extensive selection of live games that are always busy with players and has dealers that interact with you.



Player Base and Reputation

Whilst doing our 888 review we had years and years of data to sift through to get to the meat of it all. 888 casino is a whale of a casino with multiple sides to the business, this means that they have had their good years and their bad years due to policy changes along the years. Most recently they have had a pretty clean slate, their customer support needs a little work but it’s not for a lack of caring, it’s mainly because they have so many customers that there are times either their system is a little congested or the CS reps are. This doesn’t occur often though and they are famed for paying out more in prizes than the average online casino. They currently have a good reputation with 2018 having been an exceptional year for them.


888 Bonuses

As soon as we signed up to the site, the first email we received was surprisingly not a verification email, but rather a bonus offer email which was a nice touch. We didn’t use the offer because we had already found a better one during our research (we’ll pin it to the top/bottom of the review). Additionally to this, 888 casino will send you periodic offers and bonuses to your email, letting you know of time sensitive jackpots and other related offers.


Summary of Our 888 Review

888 has been around and online for over 20 years and you don’t make it that far unless you’re doing something very right. They have an incredibly loyal player base and they provide players with a website that fits them and makes them feel at home. The poker players, sports betters and traditional casino game players all have their own portal that caters to them. Their website design, both desktop and mobile, is very nice and you always know where you are and where you want to go next. They let you try the games for free and we enjoyed that feature before committing any real money.

This is another of our top casinos because of it’s long term established nature and because they have given players a lot of fun and they’re payouts are legendary.