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Meet our Author: Deryck Trafford

Deryck Trafford heads the direction of the site Online Casino Ranker and is at the origins of its creation. Being a fan of slot machines, he has been not only playing them online, but also studying gambling, innovations, and various gambling games for many years. Deryck is the author of articles on our site.

Deryck is a native of Greater Sudbury and currently living in Quebec, Canada. Since his school years, he has loved computer games. This fact partially influenced his educational path: he has a degree in Information Technology.

Over time, Deryck has gathered a professional team around him whose interests and views on gambling on the Web coincide.

The topic of video slots has always seemed promising to me, ever since the Internet became a ubiquitous phenomenon. I just love modern slot machines with great graphics, a plot like in computer games, elaboration of details. The combination of a sense of excitement and modern technology… that’s the future of gambling.

Deryck Trafford

As a result, he is still engaged in writing articles, preferring slot machines and online casino reviews most of all.

Experience in Our Team

In gambling articles and casino news written by Trafford, you will find information about the latest news in the gambling industry. However, I also write articles on topics such as a variety of tops and ratings of slot machines, and tips for beginners and experienced fans of gambling on the web.

It’s hard to believe, but Deryck has more than eight years of experience in gambling and online gambling.

Video slots in online casinos have long been more than just three reels with faded images of lemons. Many of them I am not afraid to call a work of art. ? (Laughs). My favorite slots are those that can be viewed over and over again, taking aesthetic pleasure while the winnings ‘drip’.

Certainly, if you have any questions about OnlineCasinoRanker, please contact Deryck.

e-mail: deryck86@gmail.com

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