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10 Tips on How to Get Casino Bonus in 2022

Playing at an online casino is a great way to have fun whether you’re alone or in the company of your friends, but with a casino bonus, things can get even more exciting. Especially for new players, casinos do their utmost to offer the best bonuses. To get you started, we have listed 10 tips below to help you get a casino bonus in a simple way.

how to get a casino bonus

1. The Bonus is Extra

The bonus is a nice extra which can increase your gaming fun, but the moment you only play for the bonus, the fun can quickly disappear. If you have to deposit money to reach the minimum play-through, the bonus becomes worth less and less. A bonus is an enjoyable perk, but it is there to increase your enjoyment of playing. If that is no longer the case, you should leave the bonus for what it is.

2. Don’t Just Look at the Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first impression the casino makes, so a lot of emphasis is drawn to it. But what extras are waiting for you as a regular player? A good casino takes care of existing players as well as new ones. Often you can take advantage of a deposit bonus at set times during the week.

3. Don’t Deposit Without a Bonus

Therefore, be careful not to miss a deposit bonus as well. Popular times for a casino to offer a deposit bonus are for example just before the weekend. If you want to deposit on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. and you get a deposit bonus after 17:00, then of course it pays to wait an hour.

4. Ask for Bonuses

An insider tip that many regular players know is that you can often ask for a bonus. By contacting customer service, you can sometimes ask directly for a bonus or ask what bonuses are on offer. For example, there are bonuses for confirming your email address, signing up a friend, or for setting up a payment method that the casino prefers.

5. Turn on Your Notifications

No one wants to be inundated with emails and text messages, but one of the best ways to stay on top of all the bonuses is to sign up for such marketing messages. If you ask, you might get a bonus by signing up for these emails.

10 Tips on How to Get Casino Bonus

6. Just Play by the Rules

Casinos give you a welcome bonus to entice you to come and play at the online casino. What they don’t want is players who abuse the bonuses. The moment you’ve found a trick to get around the rules, you’re still breaking them. So just play as you always would, without trying to find the loopholes.

7. Look Out for Live Casino and Sports Betting Bonuses

The most common bonus is the welcome bonus for the online casino, where you get to play money on slots. You may not wager this bonus money on table games or in the live casino, for example. There are also online casinos that give away special bonuses for a live casino or sports betting. So if you’re visiting an online casino mainly for these ways of betting, these special bonuses could be well worth it.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Bonus Money

The vast majority of casinos will help you keep track of how to get bonus casino money you have played around with. In most cases, you will see a bar that fills up as you get closer to the play-through minimum. This allows you to judge for yourself if it’s worth it to meet all the requirements, or if you’d rather withdraw your winnings and let the bonus sit.

9. You Can Also Refuse the Bonus

How to claim an extra bonus at casino, but some players don’t feel like fulfilling all kinds of conditions. For this reason, you can refuse a bonus. Note, however, that you usually can’t change your mind after refusing a bonus.

10. Read the Terms and Conditions

No, reading terms and conditions is no fun. But it’s very necessary. The last thing you want is to lose a big win because you found out there was a wagering limit when you tried to withdraw the money. Most casinos have special bonus terms, so all the information you need is in one place. Pay particular attention to the following terms and conditions:

  • Rounds minimum: indicates how many times you have to play the bonus (or winnings from free spins) around before you can withdraw it as cash. On average, this is 35x – anything below that counts as favorable conditions.
  • Betting Limit: Indicates how much you are allowed to wager per spin while playing the rounds. Almost all casinos use $5 as the maximum, but some use $4 for example (and then happily take away all your winnings).

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